Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge – Day 5

My focus on Day 5 has been the bound hero battle, Cecilia & Lilina. It’s tempting because the reward has more than 10 orbs in total. I know it’s not hard if you have 2 dancers. But I only have one Olivia. So I went draw blue from the  hero fest, hope to get a Ninian, or another Olivia (therefore the red draw). 

Not bad, I got a Linde, high speed blue mage. I don’t even have her in my main account. But she won’t help in the bound hero battle.

I first finished the lunatic difficulty one, with 2 out of 4 tasks. This is my video. The 4th hero is not used at all, so you can add Sharena and Alfonse to finish task. Both of them are 2 star right now.

When it comes to the Inferno one, I had little choices. I don’t have enough feather to get more powerful heroes. I don’t have past grand heroes to copy the strategy online. So I studied my box and plan to use Olivia, Brave Lyn, Ike and Brave Ike. Amelia won’t help here unfortunately. I don’t have a brave bow, or it will be easy too just like my main account. So I will need to merge skill desperation. I have only one Mae, and a 5* Shanna. I need to prove it works first before I try. So I tested it with my main account. My main doesn’t have Ike, so I used a Ryoma instead. It turned out this red char is not important again. I only used its reposition and final hit to the ranger.

So my main account did it with the restrictions. However I still can’t copy because my summoner support is not level S yet. My Lyn’s atk is way off. My main has 52 atk (because she has a +atk IV). My sub’s atk is only 47. I will wait until I raise my summoner support to S, and get an ATK+2 seal (3 is too expensive  impossible now). And I may also need an Spur Atk 2 to hit 52. I’m not sure if I have time to do this.

And finally this is my new heroes from the hero fest banner, so far box size is 95.

Box Day 5.

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