Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge – Day 4

The Amelia banner has finished. I stopped at the 10th Amelia and didn’t draw more from it, since I don’t want to waste my pity rate. For every 5 draws without a 5*, IS will increase the 5* rate by 0.25%, which we call the pity rate. And whenever you draw your next 5*, it’s reset to 0, so the 5* rate is back to 3% or 5% in hero fest. That’s why it’s recommended to always focus on one banner until you clear its rate. As a F2P, if you know you won’t drop more than 40 orbs on one, you’d better skip it and use the orbs in the next banner to build up pity rate. I had about 10 left, so I turned to the hero fest banner.

The best heroes in the banner are Ike who can distant counter, and Ninian who can dance. Dance is the best skill in the game. You want as many different dancers as you can up to 6. Both colours also fit my criteria: 5% red or blue. So until the next great banner is up, I will keep drawing until I got a Ninian and Ike.

Luckily for me, I got Ike on the 4th draw. Although it’s IV is the worst: HP-SPD. Well, I can’t complain as a F2P. Still happy. Here is my end of day 4 box. I draw 4 more and also inherited a reposition skill for my Brave Lyn, which means I have one less Barst now. Reposition is the second most useful skill in the game right after dance / sing. You can get it from Barst or Selena at 3*. It’s recommended to feed Selena 4* together with Triangle Adept to tome users. So I fed Barst to Lyn.

Day 4 box

I did this skill change because I plan to finish the bound hero special task to earn some orbs. I will write more about it next day. Also because of the bound hero challenge, I used all my stamina potion to level Ike and Olivia up. I also used some dueling crest to level up. It’s a pain to level up a dancer. She’s still Lv 35.

And of course I challenged Arena. At this level (tier 1) it’s easy to go up so nothing to post here.

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