Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge

Is Armor Emblem only for whales? As a F2P, I will challenge this statement.


I’ve been playing FEH for a while. It’s a good strategy mobile gotcha game developed by Intelligent Systems based on Nintendo’s IP fire emblem. The player community in general consider it’s a F2P (free to play) friendly game.

I guess one of the reasons people feel comfortable without paying is that one of the strongest team one can build is widely available. People call it the horse Emblem. The three core members are Reinhardt, Brave Lyn, and Cecilia. Brave Lyn can be chosen for free. The other two are not give start only, so the chance of drawing them is large. The forth position can be any good red cavalry unit. Eliwood is a cheap option who can be obtained at 3 starts.

However when it comes to Arena, this F2P team won’t be in the same league as those pay over thousands dollars a month. Don’t get me won’t. There horse team is still the strongest. But IS matching mechanism ranked armored units higher, and +10 unit even higher. If you want highest score, you need to play with mostly armored units at 5* +10. Do far people believe it’s only possible for whales who pay a lot in the game, it those who started the game very early who have accumulated enough.

Here just for fun I want to challenge this argument. If I give up on having a deep box, but focus on just one team used in Arena, can I build my F2P team of 5* +10? The highest score one is Amelia who is up in the short haired lady focus summon. So I’m going to try to get my +10 Amelia, +10 Effie(available at 4* also), +n future Grand hero armored – I know I missed the Black Knight but many they will re-offer it in future. The forth one will be a bonus unit.

I started a new account for this so that I can reroll for at least one Amelia. I will try to keep my path to a high score armored team in diary here.

The rules I set for myself are:

1 get as many Amelia in the beginning. Min 2. If I don’t get 11 in the remaining 3 days, I will hold onto my orbs to spend on the next Amelia gotcha.

2. Draw only for Amelia, Hector, and hero feast blue and red because they will be at 5% instead of 3%.

And in picture is my chosen account after re rolling for hours. I was lucky to get 3 Amelia already in the first 20 draws.

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