FEH Legendary Jan 2018

Red: Legendary Ike, Sanaki, Siegbert

Green: Gunnthra, Performance Azura, Summer Xander

Blue: Fjorm, Summer Robin Female, Brave Lucina,

Colorless: Takumi, Summer Frederick, Faye

Thea highest price would be legendary Ike and performing Azura. What color will you pull?

Two days later, there will also be a hero fest banner. Brave Lyn, Brave Ike, Sigurd, and Nephenee will be in it, with an initial 5* rate of 5%.

Edit: Legendary Ike is good but not that great. He’s only slightly better than the original Ike.

Ike:                     42/35/31/32/18  158 BST

Legendary Ike: 41/36/30/35/21  163 BST

If you have Ike already, you can use him the same way. And the earth blessing only adds 3 HP and 2 ATK.

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