FEH Armor Emblem on New Year 2018

The New Year banner with Azura, Camilla and Takumi is no doubt a must draw for most of you, featuring the first flying dancer. However I’m following my own rule strictly until I get enough Amelia and Hector. So, I’m only pulling from the legendary banner this time, focusing on green, hoping to get my last Amelia, and some more Effie. The red heroes are all good too. Colorless has Elise who can be strategically important. Blue features 2 beautiful past limited heroes, Charlotte and Lucina, and I don’t mind getting more blessings either. Gunnthra is the big win in this banner for most people, since she’s the new legendary hero, and the first with reversed blade tome. We will talk more about her later.

I’d love to have all of them, but I’m a F2P. Let’s be realistic. If you remember my simulation last time, you need on average 65 orbs to get a green or any of the 4 colors. You need more if you want to draw with any other combinations. So I’m focusing on green to hoping get my last Amelia. This is really a great green pool for anyone who hasn’t got a +10 Amelia yet. Amelia is still the best hero to max to score the highest in arena. And she’s in the same pool as the green legendary hero. Unfortunately I my previous luck seemed gone this time. Since I got my Winter Tharja and Reinhardt in one round, I haven’t got any 5 stars. My pity rate was climbing to 9.5%, which is actually not that bad compared to my main account (14%). But the problem is, I don’t have any more orbs and the banner is ending tonight. It’s such a pity to let the high pity rate go wasted.

So I decided to get as many orbs as possible from the January quests today, until I clear my pity rate. And after it’s reset, I will never touch this banner again. I’m so glad I did – I got an Amelia, and also a Gunnthra! Other draws worth mentioning is I got a Klein who will turn into a brave bow for my brave Lyn.

So I’ve got all Amelia I need. It also means I’m free from my green only rules from now on. Well, I still have 2 Hectors to go. But my orbs in Jan will probably go into the flying singer pool for Azura. The more singers the better until you get 6 different ones.

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