FEH Armor Emblem Day 45

Winter is a great time for fire emblem heroes. There is the current Christmas winter’s envoy banner. There will be a legendary hero banner soon for new year.

My Armor Emblem account focuses on armored heroes. And the winter envoy banner is all about armor.

  • Winter Tharja – the strongest arena hero if you aim at highest arena scores. BST 164 (since you want to have -spd which -4), mage and red (remember the strongest armored unites so far are all green?). Excellent stats spread thanks to the super low speed.
  • Winter Chrom – highest atk value in the game at 40, tied with Effie. Super low speed means he would have higher other stats.
  • Winter Lissa – bold fighter is one of the strongest skills in the game. If you give it to Chrom together with a brave axe+, no one can stop him. Lissa also has the highest BST in the game now, even beat Amelia by 2 points.
  • Winter Robin – blue Amelia with higher BST. Excellent skills.

You see, all of them are good. All of them provide great inheritable skills for armored units. But I don’t have many orbs for the banner after the Amelia / Tana one. Btw I didn’t get my 11th Amelia from the banner. I got a +spd Tana though. I let the Amelia banner end at 3.75% rate because I realized +9 is enough for me now, and I can get her at any time later, but the Xmas banner is limited. I decided to go for the Xmas banner for a single Tharja. The reason: I don’t have enough feathers to get my Amelia the matching armored team yet. If I want to proceed in the arena (I’m lv 17 now), I need to have an intermediate solution. Winter Tharja is the perfect fit here. Even without merge, she has high def / res compared with other armored units. And to compensate for low atk, the standard solution is to use a blade weapon. You can easily add 20 to your atk. Anyway, that’s my justification of drawing the banner . All other heroes are good too if I don’t see a red stone in my try. I can inherit their skills.

My very first draw with the free chance gave me a Ninian. I was really happy about it. I need more dancers or singers. I paired her with Deirdre because I realized how useful Deirdre is in PVE.

My second pull net me nothing. I saw my orbs dropped from 46 ish to 19ish. It’s really unwise to draw when I don’t have more than 80 to make sure I can clear the pity rate in the end, but I just felt the urge to draw. I’m glad I did in the end: my very last 3 pulls gave me this:

W!Tharja is of course good (Res-spd). But also a Reinhardt?! I can’t be happier. Now my B!Lyn has a new companion. I gave both of them resposition and hone cavalry. I merged my 2 B!Lyn to the atk-hp one because I don’t have extra reposition skills to spare. And I don’t think I will ever feed B!Lyn, the strongest hero in the game, to any other heroes. I cleared special battles with ease afterwards.

Now my armored team looks like this: Amelia, Effie, W!Tharja, Amelia 2nd. The Amelia 2nd will be replaced by Fae in future. W!Tharja might be replaced by Draug eventually.

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