Day 9 FEH, Brave hero banner coming back

It’s such a wonderful banner. Every single one of them is strong. Brave Lyn – the strongest in the game, no competition. Brave Roy – he has the chance to kill all in the field if you have a singer / dancer. Brave Ike – great BST, great defense. Not even red sword Ike can kill  him easily (like, not in 2 hits). Brave Lucina – the best buff in the game that covers everyone except tome users. Normally you would want to draw from this banner. It’s 5 star rating. Maybe even better than the new hero fest one.

But I will follow my own rule and only draw Amelia (1 left), Hector (4-5), or Blue red with more higher rate (total 8% or higher). So I stopped after the free pull which gave me Henry. I have 101 in my box so far. I’m  patiently waiting for the new hero fest banner. Other than that I’m not doing much things. I’ve leveling up in training tower with auto-play only. I have been too busy to clean up my main account’s box to empty some space for the upcoming fest. Meanwhile I was evaluating should I try to max Hector and Spring Camilla in my main this time. There won’t be much change in my sub as I have 17 orbs right now. The normal expectation is 80-100 orbs for one 5*. With the future 40 orbs from tempest trial, I may end up with 1 or 2 5*. So there’s no much to think here. I will do all but blue in first round to build up pity rate, and only green in future round. If I got a 5* in the first round that’s good too.


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