Day 7 – Armor Emblem Challenge

I’m leveling up the new heroes today. I obtained two Olivia from the daily maps. I will not merge her. I need at least 3 of her. Besides that, I didn’t get many new orbs. Knowing the 8% banner coming up soon, I only plan to pull my starter banner which will expire soon. It also has total 8% 5* rate, with the 4 up heroes at 5% each. It will be a better choice for blue for me. Ninian is much better than any of those blue in the new banner. She also has the most beautiful profile in the game. In my opinion Ninian and performing Olivia are the most beautiful drawings in the game so far. The next one on my list is performing Azura. Ninian simply looks stunning. I still haven’t got her yet in either of my main and sub accounts. And Ike came to break my pity rate (but it was 5% anyway). He is a better Ike this time though. I had a Res-Spd one who is considered the worst. Now I got a Spd-Res one, I interpolate him as the best. But honestly I think the best IV for Ike is Atk-Res.

Oh, I forgot to mention I also drew a 5* Roderick with good IV (atk-res, while my 4* lv 40 one Spd-res). This is really a luck account. Can it carry on with its legend in the new banner? We will see.

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