Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge – Day 6

Today is the FEH channel day. IS announced many major changes, including:

  1. New heroes. The axe infantry unit Dorcas looks really cool.
  2. Enhanced staff.
  3. Introduced weapon refinery. This is a way to boost old heroes.
  4. Limited heroes coming back, at 8% rate on 27th Nov. And it has Hector in it. All in for green!
  5. New story book and a free 5* char.

I have also finally finished the inferno bound hero battles. After I tried many combinations in my main account, I know that Lyn must have atk 52 plus +2 spur atk before she hit Cecilia. That’s why I used a cavalry to buff her, and also applied rally attack.

  1. Brave Lyn. Atk must be 50 or higher. If you have brave bow+, you don’t need any of the buffs. I used summoner support and atk+1 seal to reach 50.
  2. Olivia, and wearing the Spur atk seal lv 1. Super important.
  3. Roderick, or any cavalry who can hurt the ranger. Give him Rally attack (super important, unless you have performing Azura instead). Also give him Hone Calvary.
  4. Any 4th char. As you see, I didn’t use my Brave Ike at all!

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