FEH Armor Emblem Day 45

Winter is a great time for fire emblem heroes. There is the current Christmas winter’s envoy banner. There will be a legendary hero banner soon for new year.

My Armor Emblem account focuses on armored heroes. And the winter envoy banner is all about armor.

  • Winter Tharja – the strongest arena hero if you aim at highest arena scores. BST 164 (since you want to have -spd which -4), mage and red (remember the strongest armored unites so far are all green?). Excellent stats spread thanks to the super low speed.
  • Winter Chrom – highest atk value in the game at 40, tied with Effie. Super low speed means he would have higher other stats.
  • Winter Lissa – bold fighter is one of the strongest skills in the game. If you give it to Chrom together with a brave axe+, no one can stop him. Lissa also has the highest BST in the game now, even beat Amelia by 2 points.
  • Winter Robin – blue Amelia with higher BST. Excellent skills.

You see, all of them are good. All of them provide great inheritable skills for armored units. But I don’t have many orbs for the banner after the Amelia / Tana one. Btw I didn’t get my 11th Amelia from the banner. I got a +spd Tana though. I let the Amelia banner end at 3.75% rate because I realized +9 is enough for me now, and I can get her at any time later, but the Xmas banner is limited. I decided to go for the Xmas banner for a single Tharja. The reason: I don’t have enough feathers to get my Amelia the matching armored team yet. If I want to proceed in the arena (I’m lv 17 now), I need to have an intermediate solution. Winter Tharja is the perfect fit here. Even without merge, she has high def / res compared with other armored units. And to compensate for low atk, the standard solution is to use a blade weapon. You can easily add 20 to your atk. Anyway, that’s my justification of drawing the banner . All other heroes are good too if I don’t see a red stone in my try. I can inherit their skills.

My very first draw with the free chance gave me a Ninian. I was really happy about it. I need more dancers or singers. I paired her with Deirdre because I realized how useful Deirdre is in PVE.

My second pull net me nothing. I saw my orbs dropped from 46 ish to 19ish. It’s really unwise to draw when I don’t have more than 80 to make sure I can clear the pity rate in the end, but I just felt the urge to draw. I’m glad I did in the end: my very last 3 pulls gave me this:

W!Tharja is of course good (Res-spd). But also a Reinhardt?! I can’t be happier. Now my B!Lyn has a new companion. I gave both of them resposition and hone cavalry. I merged my 2 B!Lyn to the atk-hp one because I don’t have extra reposition skills to spare. And I don’t think I will ever feed B!Lyn, the strongest hero in the game, to any other heroes. I cleared special battles with ease afterwards.

Now my armored team looks like this: Amelia, Effie, W!Tharja, Amelia 2nd. The Amelia 2nd will be replaced by Fae in future. W!Tharja might be replaced by Draug eventually.

Armor Emblem day 27

It’s been a while since I updated my F2P armor account. I was busy accumulate orbs to draw from the legendary banner. My F2P account was still lucky that it got a +Atk -Hp B!Lyn (Wow), which I will not merge, a Deirdre, an Ike, and 2 Ayra. It was also unlucky, because what I really wanted were Hector (as many as 4) and Spring Camilla. I have been draw from green only, unless I saw a 5* when my pity rate was high enough, or when there was no green stone presented. I was surprised too when I got both Ike and Ayra in one round, with only 9 orbs left. I wished I accumulated more orbs to draw that round so that I can open the rest of the round, which were only red and colorless.

Anyway, I stopped drawing after Ike and Ayra together broke my pity rate towards a Hector. Because I heard that on 14th, Amelia will be in the banner again. I want one more of her. I don’t have any distant counter skills yet. I don’t even have a second armored unit to use in arena at the moment, making Amelia quite useless. So right after I got 20k feathers, I promoted a 4* Effie, even though her IV is bad: HP-Atk. I don’t mind, because I will upgrade new Effies until I got +10. It’s hard to get blue unit though, due to my drawing strategy (green only when drawing with orbs).

The major difference from 20 days ago, was FEH 2.0. IS strengthened dragons and staff users. Some suggested that new players should try to get a dragon team for arena, instead of the traditional armored team. But I checked high value dragons (I.e. young dragons). Only Nowi and Fae are obtainable at lower than 5*. You still need another 2 non-dragon unless you want to pull Tiki young, who is real 5. With Amelia in hand, I would still focus on Armored team. I would expect to see more dragons in arena though, which makes it important to raise RES. I plan to upgrade my Amelia’s weapon with the +res option. The reason: +Res gives you +4, while +Spd gives you +3. There’s no +Atk, only +Mt option, which doesn’t give you any bonus on BST. I need BST bonuses since I can only +9 now, plus my other team members are not +10 yet.

I also want to give my Effie the Slaying Lance+ weapon, since she’s -ATK. I can get one from my 5* Shanna, but I only have one of her and she has great IV. So I will wait for my next 20k Feather. The plan is promote a weak one with the weapon to 5*, get all 3000 HM first, and then eat the weak unit. But IMO at this stage the best weapon for Effie is the Ridersbane+. I don’t have one though.

Once I upgraded enough normal weapons, I can upgrade my Linde’s, so she will have the same weapon as Delthea.