FEH Legendary Hero Fest Banner Statistic Analysis

The legendary Hero fest banner will arrive today at 11 pm PST. Are you excited and prepared?

We have talked about what the hero fest banner pulling strategy from hero strength perspective.  It’s a no brainer to draw from the banner if you need all 3 heroes of a color. But I bet some of you still wonder:

  1. I have some of the heroes already, shall I draw with all my orbs or wait for a normal 3% pool?
  2. I have only 80 orbs, but I want Hector, I want Brave Lyn, Ayra is nice to have, I don’t mind getting another Spring Camilla … , how shall I draw?

So this time, let’s see the questions from the statistic perspective.

The Motivation

Someone may ask, the probability is 8%, if you want one out of the three heroes, it’s 2.67%. And a normal banner has 3% up rate. Isn’t that clear enough? The answer is, this banner is special that it excludes all other 5 stars.

First of all, let’s make it clear that even though IS used 8% to generate 5 stars, the rate of when you see a certain color, and then open it, expecting to see a 5 star is totally different! Let me give you an extreme example. If you exclude all red 4* and 3*. So the only reds in the banner would be the 3 up heroes (Ike, Ayra and Celica). IS can still make them appear at 8% rate, but if you only open red stone (if you see red), the 5* rate is 100%. Of course the probability of seeing a red stone is low in this case, that’s why I wrote a simulator to replicate exactly what IS described they do to find out the real numbers.

The set up

I basically wrote a FEH Gotcha simulator which I call it FM FEh Simulator (FM is short for First Minute). I can specify who are the up heroes. what’s the initial up rate, 5 star rate, 4 star rate. My simulator handles pity rate, that does exactly the same as IS describes in the Gotcha banner, “More info”. That is, if you don’t have any 5* in 5 draws, the rate of 5 star will increase by 0.5%, distributed between the up and other 5* heroes. I have also handled the case if there are none of your preferred color. You have to draw at least one. And of course I know the first draw each round of 5 stones costs 5 orbs, last costs 3 orbs, while the rest costs 4.

And then I specify a way to draw from the banner, and let it run, say 10,000 draws. It will give me the result of what up heroes I got, how many, total 5 stars, spent orbs, and calculate the orbs needed per 5 star heroes.

The Data

I used real data in my simulator. Gotcha games in Japan are required to publicize the drawing mechanic. The rate you use, the rewards you give. So IS listed clearly what heroes are in what categories. I checked the most recent banner  – Tempest trial (featuring 4 brave heroes), and the oldest banner available today – Halloween which was available a month ago. They have exactly identical hero lists besides up heroes. So I put them into my database.

The methods

I used two different ways to simulate so that I can cross verify the results. One is based on Excel, with real hero data even for three stars. The other is programmed in Java, using only stats, since I realized I don’t care about what 4 star or 3 star heroes I got. I did keep the up hero list just for fun.

The good news is, results from the two simulators agree with each other.

The Result

In this 8% hero fest banner, if you try to draw only from one color, the orbs needed for each 5 star is:

Red 60
Blue 53
Green 45
White 53


Amazing, huh? I’ve never expected the difficulty to draw a hero of a certain color would be different! Green is the easiest and red is the hardest. I.e. you need more orbs to draw an up hero in red. No wonder my armor sub account obtained 10 Amelia with only 300 orbs but I could never do that for Ike even though Ike was in starter banner at 5% rate!

But on another thought it’s easy to understand. There are more red heroes in this game. So after it’s determined the stone is not an up hero, there’s a higher chance that it’s red. As a player who see the 5 presented stones, red stones appear more. But if you poll the red stones, there’s less chance for it to be an up hero compared with other colors. 1 out of 100 is smaller than 1 out of 20.

If you determine to draw from 2 colors only, or all 4 colors, the rate (orb / 5 star) is different.

Green and White 46
Green and White and Red 48
All 4 Colors 46

You see, the number of 5 stars you obtain is roughly the same if you draw from all 4 colors vs. only from green. So if you want more Hector, and don’t have enough orbs, feel free to draw only green.

If you have many orbs, it’s still recommended that you draw from this banner on those you need. If you need the hero, you will need to draw him or her anyway. Rather than wait until a 3% banner, you’d probably do it now. This is the orbs need to draw an up hero from a normal banner with 3% up rate:

Red 95
Green 76
White and Green 73

You see, if you need all 3, the rate in the hero fest banner is much better. You save 40% of orbs. If you need 2 out of the 3 in a certain color, it’s still better (obviously). If it’s 1 out of 3 that you are interested in, it’s not much worse. I have that simulation run for you too, but for red only. After all, who would *not* draw the green if you want the heroes!

2 heroes green 63
2 heroes white and green 63
2 heroes 4 colors 62
1 hero green 100
1 hero 4 colors 94

Btw my armored account has done 2 out of the 4 Michalis grand hero quests. I’m yet to beat the Inferno difficulty. I wish I had a strong red sword horseman!

Day 10 Bound Hero Banner and Arena

The bound hero battle this time is harder for my sub since I don’t have a Fortify Cavalry skill to support my Brave Lyn. I have so far only beat the lunatic in this video.

Besides bound hero battle, I’m slowly stepping up in Arena Tier. Since I’m pretty low in the tier, it’s really easy to get to the top and snatch the highest reward I can get. Here is the Arena team, no pluses.

Day 9 FEH, Brave hero banner coming back

It’s such a wonderful banner. Every single one of them is strong. Brave Lyn – the strongest in the game, no competition. Brave Roy – he has the chance to kill all in the field if you have a singer / dancer. Brave Ike – great BST, great defense. Not even red sword Ike can kill  him easily (like, not in 2 hits). Brave Lucina – the best buff in the game that covers everyone except tome users. Normally you would want to draw from this banner. It’s 5 star rating. Maybe even better than the new hero fest one.

But I will follow my own rule and only draw Amelia (1 left), Hector (4-5), or Blue red with more higher rate (total 8% or higher). So I stopped after the free pull which gave me Henry. I have 101 in my box so far. I’m  patiently waiting for the new hero fest banner. Other than that I’m not doing much things. I’ve leveling up in training tower with auto-play only. I have been too busy to clean up my main account’s box to empty some space for the upcoming fest. Meanwhile I was evaluating should I try to max Hector and Spring Camilla in my main this time. There won’t be much change in my sub as I have 17 orbs right now. The normal expectation is 80-100 orbs for one 5*. With the future 40 orbs from tempest trial, I may end up with 1 or 2 5*. So there’s no much to think here. I will do all but blue in first round to build up pity rate, and only green in future round. If I got a 5* in the first round that’s good too.


Day 7 – Armor Emblem Challenge

I’m leveling up the new heroes today. I obtained two Olivia from the daily maps. I will not merge her. I need at least 3 of her. Besides that, I didn’t get many new orbs. Knowing the 8% banner coming up soon, I only plan to pull my starter banner which will expire soon. It also has total 8% 5* rate, with the 4 up heroes at 5% each. It will be a better choice for blue for me. Ninian is much better than any of those blue in the new banner. She also has the most beautiful profile in the game. In my opinion Ninian and performing Olivia are the most beautiful drawings in the game so far. The next one on my list is performing Azura. Ninian simply looks stunning. I still haven’t got her yet in either of my main and sub accounts. And Ike came to break my pity rate (but it was 5% anyway). He is a better Ike this time though. I had a Res-Spd one who is considered the worst. Now I got a Spd-Res one, I interpolate him as the best. But honestly I think the best IV for Ike is Atk-Res.

Oh, I forgot to mention I also drew a 5* Roderick with good IV (atk-res, while my 4* lv 40 one Spd-res). This is really a luck account. Can it carry on with its legend in the new banner? We will see.

FEH 11.27 8% Banner Analysis and Pulling Strategy

Every FEH player is tempted by the high 8% rate of drawing the powerful heroes in the banner. The question is only: when to stop.

But is it really much better than the old hero fest banners? Especially for new players who has 7 days to draw from the hero fest starter banner, featuring Ike, Ninian, Yulia, and Genny. Let’s first see who are in the 11.27 banner.

Red: Ike, Ayra, Celica
Green: Hector, Spring Camilla, Deirdre
Blue: The new Ice Queen, Bridal Caeda, Spring Xander,
Colorless: Brave Lyn, Bridal Cordelia, Genny.

I emphasized those that may be used in Arena matching team. The only two heroes not super useful are Spring Xander and Bridal Caeda. The two are still good, but others are great and can be in your final 28 Arena Assault teams.

Now let’s check the 5* rate. Even though the up rate is 8%, the total 5* rate is not changed from previous hero fest (5%+3%). IS dropped the normal 5% to 0. The problem is if the pity rate calculation is adjusted too. In past banners, for every 5 none 5*, you gain 0.25%+0.25% pity rate, total 0.5%. Now if the normal pool is kept at 0%, could it mean the up rate only increase by 0.25%? We don’t know until the banner is here. But even if they increase by 0.5% at a time, it’s still not always good.

Say if you want only one hero from a colour: I want the ice queen in blue only. The rate of getting her is only 8%/3 = 2.7%, less than the normal 3% pool. When you want 2 or more heroes from the same colour, go for it. But in most cases you will draw one before another. Do you stop here when the rate of what you want dropped to 2.7% for that colour?

Different strategies will be applied to different goals. I will split the type of users into these categories:

  1. Collectors who want to get one of each kind over the full life of the game. Or the more kinds the better.
  2. PvPers who would use only high plus heroes.
  3. Other F2P who just want some strong heroes to clean story, fight tempest trial or win grand hero battles.
  4. Fan of a certain char, certain series.

Collector strategy

For new collectors, if you have enough orbs, you should try to get all of them in this banner. You may get duplicates in the end, but because they are all powerful, it will be better than to wait for them to up again and draw from 3%+3% pools. After all, it’s hard to tell when they will be up again next time. Better to get them early when you are still playing the game.

If you don’t have enough orbs, the strategy would be to draw all 5 stones until you obtain the limited hero in that colour. Then you focus on the rest of the colours only. Once you obtain all 4 limited heroes, change to draw from those with more than 2 in one colour. And finally the better hero colour. In general, for this banner green > red > white > blue.

PvPer Strategy

PvP only cares about those who can be in your final team. They should focus on the matching team members first, meaning those worth +10. In this banner, Hector is the must have, for his A skill (distant counter). Ike, Ayra and Ice queue are great too. The rest of the bold heroes won’t have a position in the top team, but they can be in the rest of your 7 teams.

So set you target: plan on what final matching team you want to use. And know what you need. e.g. if you want to run an armored team with all 3* 4* ones, you may only need 5 Hectors in total. Also list other heroes you want and draw all the colours in your list.

Things to note. If you want to +10 only one hero in a colour, you may want to wait for it to be up alone. You saw how I draw my Amelia when she’s one of the 3 ups, and the only green colour. My 5% rate was like 20%, so 8% is not guaranteed to be better. For my Amelia account, I definitely want to draw Hector this time. Not to +10 him (impossible to +10 on two real 5* for F2P), but get the distant counter for my other members. I need 4 so I will want 5 Hectors. Hector has been up 2 times recently and if I miss this I may need to wait for a long long time. Plus the other 2 in green are great also. Green is the best colour for me this time.

Even though red is a great colour this time too, think twice before you want to +10 within this banner. Probability theory said you need 20% more orbs compared with other single +3% banner to +10. You will get side products. But between Ike and Ayra you will want only one in your final team. Celica may not have a position there given that Reinhardt is everywhere in Arena.  Deirdre on the other hand can check Reinhardt.

The colourless one is a hard question. On one hand you have the strongest hero in the game that +10 will be useful in all situations. On the other hand we have the colourless hell. And then because of the staff enhancement announcement, the hell may become heaven. Who knows. I have a +atk B-Lyn in main account and I know how good she is. However I will stick with my own rules and not draw colourless before I get enough Hectors. My Amelia account doesn’t plan to have Lyn in the final team anyway.

F2P Strategy

My first advice: don’t draw blue. The only great one in blue is the new ice queen, who will be given for free just like Brave Lyn anyway. Whales will be interested in max her, but what’s the point for F2P.

Then, pick the one you want most and focus on that colour first. If you are more like a collector like I am, maybe you want to draw green still to get spring Camilla. Without her it’s hard to build a flying team. But flying team is only for fun these days, due to the Brave Lyn threat.

As a F2P, be cautious to not let the banner temp you to pay. The banner looks good, but can you live without it? Absolutely. Even the limited heroes come back again. With patient, you will still get them in future, or get a stronger one. Let me go through them one by one with you to tell you what you want to focus one.

The 4 limited heroes: they should be your first priority if there’s one you really want. I think only the spring Camilla is worth it. Even her is optional as you’d hardly need a flying team. You want a flying team to earn the monthly orb, but that’s only one per month, and you can do it without her. Halloween Nowi is a better choice than her if you have to choose between the two. I don’t mind getting S-Camilla as a side product. But it’s OK to miss her. The other 3 are so so. You have Lyn already so you don’t need to spend money on another ranger. If you don’t have Brave Lyn yet? Well. go for colourless hell!

Next, the top tier close fighters. Ike, Ayra, Hector. Ice queen can be obtained for free so she’s out of the question. Ike has been up for many times. Both him and Hector can counter distant. Hector’s CD can be inherited. Ayra is a new strong hero, but you see Mia coming. Same base values, similar skills. There will be more like this in future. Ayra is not unique. They are all great to have, but in my opinion not worth the dollars as they won’t be in your final matching team. As a F2P, I don’t think you will have them +10 or near to be in the final team. If not for the match team, there are many replacements, except for Hector. I guess if you accumulated enough orbs, you will get a Hector. I guess it’s ok if you spend some money to clean up the pity rate in the end if you still expect a Hector. I’m more optimistic that I think I can get enough of him by playing the game for free. If I miss him this time, I can still try next time. Before I have enough Hectors, I will just use my horse emblem.

After the limited heroes and close fighters, there are the mages and healers. Celica, Deirdre, B-Lyn,  Genny. For red mage you always have the choice of Tharja. Celica is totally optional. Would you pay your hard earned dollars on someone optional? If the answer is yes, you never were a F2P. Deirdre is good, really good if you don’t have Yulia already. The good news is she’s green, that you may get her already when trying to pull Hector. If you have enough Hectors but still don’t have Deirdre, you know you can wait for her own banner to increase the rate. Genny is in colourless hell. You should have a B-Lyn already as F2P. She was given for free. None of the rangers (except for B-Lyn) have a position in your match team so it’s OK if you only have one of each. And without pluses, most of them can be replaced. But of course B-Lyn and Genny have no replacement. However no one really care about staff users. You don’t need Genny’s skill as much as you want Hector’s.

Fan Strategy

It’s easy to conclude here. Just focus on your favorite. If you plan to +10, better wait until a standalone banner.

Here is my own wish list in order. I have B-Lyn, Ayra, Hector already in my main. B-Lyn, Ike in my sub.

  1. Hector, 5 of him.
  2. Spring Camilla
  3. Deirdre. I only have Cecilia as my green mage. I need more.
  4. Ike. I just like him.
  5. Bridal Cordelia. I like the drawing. For collecting purpose.
  6. Ayra.
  7. B-Lyn
  8. Celica
  9. Bridal Caeda
  10. Ice queen
  11. Spring Xander
  12. Genny

Finally, best luck to everyone who plan to draw from the banner. I will spend all my orbs here, because I don’t think I would get 5 Hectors before I consume them all. I may do a rolling video but I found that draw 1-2 a time suits me more. If you draw all of them in one run, your draws will be averaged among themselves. Meaning you will see a closer to 8% rate. If you spread them out, extreme cases may happen that you maybe super lucky, or super unlucky. The extreme case is more fun for me.

Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge – Day 6

Today is the FEH channel day. IS announced many major changes, including:

  1. New heroes. The axe infantry unit Dorcas looks really cool.
  2. Enhanced staff.
  3. Introduced weapon refinery. This is a way to boost old heroes.
  4. Limited heroes coming back, at 8% rate on 27th Nov. And it has Hector in it. All in for green!
  5. New story book and a free 5* char.

I have also finally finished the inferno bound hero battles. After I tried many combinations in my main account, I know that Lyn must have atk 52 plus +2 spur atk before she hit Cecilia. That’s why I used a cavalry to buff her, and also applied rally attack.

  1. Brave Lyn. Atk must be 50 or higher. If you have brave bow+, you don’t need any of the buffs. I used summoner support and atk+1 seal to reach 50.
  2. Olivia, and wearing the Spur atk seal lv 1. Super important.
  3. Roderick, or any cavalry who can hurt the ranger. Give him Rally attack (super important, unless you have performing Azura instead). Also give him Hone Calvary.
  4. Any 4th char. As you see, I didn’t use my Brave Ike at all!

Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge – Day 5

My focus on Day 5 has been the bound hero battle, Cecilia & Lilina. It’s tempting because the reward has more than 10 orbs in total. I know it’s not hard if you have 2 dancers. But I only have one Olivia. So I went draw blue from the  hero fest, hope to get a Ninian, or another Olivia (therefore the red draw). 

Not bad, I got a Linde, high speed blue mage. I don’t even have her in my main account. But she won’t help in the bound hero battle.

I first finished the lunatic difficulty one, with 2 out of 4 tasks. This is my video. The 4th hero is not used at all, so you can add Sharena and Alfonse to finish task. Both of them are 2 star right now.

When it comes to the Inferno one, I had little choices. I don’t have enough feather to get more powerful heroes. I don’t have past grand heroes to copy the strategy online. So I studied my box and plan to use Olivia, Brave Lyn, Ike and Brave Ike. Amelia won’t help here unfortunately. I don’t have a brave bow, or it will be easy too just like my main account. So I will need to merge skill desperation. I have only one Mae, and a 5* Shanna. I need to prove it works first before I try. So I tested it with my main account. My main doesn’t have Ike, so I used a Ryoma instead. It turned out this red char is not important again. I only used its reposition and final hit to the ranger.

So my main account did it with the restrictions. However I still can’t copy because my summoner support is not level S yet. My Lyn’s atk is way off. My main has 52 atk (because she has a +atk IV). My sub’s atk is only 47. I will wait until I raise my summoner support to S, and get an ATK+2 seal (3 is too expensive  impossible now). And I may also need an Spur Atk 2 to hit 52. I’m not sure if I have time to do this.

And finally this is my new heroes from the hero fest banner, so far box size is 95.

Box Day 5.

Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge – Day 4

The Amelia banner has finished. I stopped at the 10th Amelia and didn’t draw more from it, since I don’t want to waste my pity rate. For every 5 draws without a 5*, IS will increase the 5* rate by 0.25%, which we call the pity rate. And whenever you draw your next 5*, it’s reset to 0, so the 5* rate is back to 3% or 5% in hero fest. That’s why it’s recommended to always focus on one banner until you clear its rate. As a F2P, if you know you won’t drop more than 40 orbs on one, you’d better skip it and use the orbs in the next banner to build up pity rate. I had about 10 left, so I turned to the hero fest banner.

The best heroes in the banner are Ike who can distant counter, and Ninian who can dance. Dance is the best skill in the game. You want as many different dancers as you can up to 6. Both colours also fit my criteria: 5% red or blue. So until the next great banner is up, I will keep drawing until I got a Ninian and Ike.

Luckily for me, I got Ike on the 4th draw. Although it’s IV is the worst: HP-SPD. Well, I can’t complain as a F2P. Still happy. Here is my end of day 4 box. I draw 4 more and also inherited a reposition skill for my Brave Lyn, which means I have one less Barst now. Reposition is the second most useful skill in the game right after dance / sing. You can get it from Barst or Selena at 3*. It’s recommended to feed Selena 4* together with Triangle Adept to tome users. So I fed Barst to Lyn.

Day 4 box

I did this skill change because I plan to finish the bound hero special task to earn some orbs. I will write more about it next day. Also because of the bound hero challenge, I used all my stamina potion to level Ike and Olivia up. I also used some dueling crest to level up. It’s a pain to level up a dancer. She’s still Lv 35.

And of course I challenged Arena. At this level (tier 1) it’s easy to go up so nothing to post here.

Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge – Day 3

So I’ve been playing with the new account I created 3 days ago. Whenever I had 9 or 13 orbs, I would go summon from the short haired girl banner and drew only green stones. If there were none green stones, I either drew blue or red, to keep a balanced pool myself. I also tried to raise heroes of all colors instead of only green.

I upgraded my castle to the third level with 8 orbs in total. So now it’s green carpeted, and it boosts EXP earned by 60%. I will upgrade to the highest level eventually. But now I need to use those precious orbs to draw as many Amelia as I can. Frankly, I thought if I could get 4 this time, that’s be good enough. I can get the rest of the 11 in future Amelia up banners. Maybe three times in total.

But guess what? Now it’s 12 hours from the banner is closed. And I have managed to draw 10 Amelia! Yes that’s a +9 Amelia. Only 1 from the highest you can get. I consider myself super lucky.

F2P drew 10 Amelia in FEH in the first 3 days.

Here is the number of draws at which I got a 5*. Same line means they were drawn in the same batch.

3: Brave Ike, 4: Boey (1), 
8: Amelia (1), 
9: Brave Lyn (Free draw at 100% rate)
15: Amelia (2),
16: Amelia (3),
21: Boey (2)
31: Amelia  (4),
45: Amelia (5), 
51: Amelia (6),
52: Shanna
58: Amelia (7),
66: Amelia (8),
69: Amelia (9),
79: Amelia (10).

In this total 87 heroes, I got 8 in game / for free. The rest of the 79 were got from this banner or the free draw of other banners. I have in total 15 5 stars now.

How did I get the orbs to do the 79 draws? Just by playing the game normally. I’ve been clearing story mode and got some Voting Gauntlet orbs. So far I haven’t got any problem wining the battles. I raised 3 Amelia for now because I need more to finish the armored quests. I have also got 10 from linking this to a Nintendo account. That’s all. In most of my summons, I saw 1 green stones. Sometimes I saw 2 or none. Only rarely I saw 3 at the same time but I only opened 2 since I didn’t wait for enough orbs.  A rough estimate is that I used 380 orbs in total to get 10 Amelia. The best IV I got so far is Spd – HP.

So if you are F2P, you may still dream about getting the highest score tier team in Arena. You need to know this: you only need to raise 3 heroes in Arena, as the 4th one is for a bonus hero. In Arena assault, you only need 4 to set yourself at a high score level. The rest of your 7 teams are not used to do matching. With this in mind, a F2P player should focus on getting all real 5* you need. That include the 11 one character in your team, for me it’s Amelia. You should totally choose this based on the banners when you do re-rolling. But you should always prefer Armored (+1) over Cavalry (-0.3), close fighting heroes over ranged (-1). Other good choices are Hector, Brave Ike, Ike, Ryoma, Ayra etc. Besides the 5* char in your team, you also need those providing high score skills. So far Hector is the only one that’s not replaceable because he has the distant counter skill that is inheritable.

It’s funny that whenever I wished: give me a Hector, give me a Hector, I got an Amelia instead in my lucky draws.

There are still some hours before the banner ends tonight. I may still draw but due to stamina limitations, I won’t get many more orbs. I guess maximum 2-3 draws. I’m so tempted to pay and get the last Amelia. But I will keep it as a F2P experiment. I want to see what I can do without paying. Honestly, +9 Amelia will get you enough points in matching already, since Amelia has the highest base values. It’s still better than +10 Effie.

Fire Emblem Heroes F2P Armor Emblem challenge

Is Armor Emblem only for whales? As a F2P, I will challenge this statement.


I’ve been playing FEH for a while. It’s a good strategy mobile gotcha game developed by Intelligent Systems based on Nintendo’s IP fire emblem. The player community in general consider it’s a F2P (free to play) friendly game.

I guess one of the reasons people feel comfortable without paying is that one of the strongest team one can build is widely available. People call it the horse Emblem. The three core members are Reinhardt, Brave Lyn, and Cecilia. Brave Lyn can be chosen for free. The other two are not give start only, so the chance of drawing them is large. The forth position can be any good red cavalry unit. Eliwood is a cheap option who can be obtained at 3 starts.

However when it comes to Arena, this F2P team won’t be in the same league as those pay over thousands dollars a month. Don’t get me won’t. There horse team is still the strongest. But IS matching mechanism ranked armored units higher, and +10 unit even higher. If you want highest score, you need to play with mostly armored units at 5* +10. Do far people believe it’s only possible for whales who pay a lot in the game, it those who started the game very early who have accumulated enough.

Here just for fun I want to challenge this argument. If I give up on having a deep box, but focus on just one team used in Arena, can I build my F2P team of 5* +10? The highest score one is Amelia who is up in the short haired lady focus summon. So I’m going to try to get my +10 Amelia, +10 Effie(available at 4* also), +n future Grand hero armored – I know I missed the Black Knight but many they will re-offer it in future. The forth one will be a bonus unit.

I started a new account for this so that I can reroll for at least one Amelia. I will try to keep my path to a high score armored team in diary here.

The rules I set for myself are:

1 get as many Amelia in the beginning. Min 2. If I don’t get 11 in the remaining 3 days, I will hold onto my orbs to spend on the next Amelia gotcha.

2. Draw only for Amelia, Hector, and hero feast blue and red because they will be at 5% instead of 3%.

And in picture is my chosen account after re rolling for hours. I was lucky to get 3 Amelia already in the first 20 draws.